Wealth Management System

Our belief is that if you don't have a written financial plan then your emotions drive your investing behavior.

Emotions such as Fear: Fear due to the stock market being down. Fear due to the media’s continuous bombardment that the sky is falling. Fear due to the economic reports that are coming out.

Our emotions make us have unreasonable fears, and then our emotions change our state of mind. You start thinking to yourself, “I am going to be broke,” “I can’t take my vacation that I’ve had planned.” Emotions that turn into fears make us change our risk tolerance and subsequently change our long term investment decisions to short term knee jerk reactions.

That is why be believe so strongly in a financial plan that is customized specifically for you. Furthermore, the investment vehicles in your portfolio are utilized because they fit your goals, objectives and needs as defined by your financial plan. It is imperative that you have a strong understanding of your financial plan, knowing this will allow you to whether the fear storm.

eMoney Wealth Management System

Additional tools and features

Our wealth management system provides you with current information on the value of your individual accounts and your overall networth, all from within the system utilizing one login. Your accounts are updated regularly and automatically empowering you to see your financial information from a computer or your smartphone when you need it.

Our wealth management system incorporates your personal financial plan into your own custom web-site and also provides an online vault. Your own personal secure online vault can be used to store copies of important documents, such as, your passport tax returns, insurance and financial documents. In addition it provides for a secure way of transmitting documents between you and our office, unlike email which is secure.

Please contact our office to discuss your financial plan and some of the additional tools that we have available. If you already have a username and password click on the above graphic to launch our Harvest Financial Planning Wealth Management System.