Safeguarding Your Loved Ones

Protection comes in a variety of capacities. There is the concern for premature death, disability, or a long term care event. I can guide you through making educated decisions to ensure that you and your family have the protection that you need.

  • Health Care Needs

    • Longer life spans can translate into more health issues.  The federal government provides a safety net in the form of Medicare. However, it may not provide the coverage needed especially in chronic illness cases.  Planning for long-term care, in the event of a serious disability or chronic illness, is becoming a key element of retirement plans today.

  • Disability

    • There can be, in fact, two needs when it comes to disability. The disability might happen to someone who is not retired. For example, say someone is injured during a car accident, they need care to rehabilitate but they also need income during this time to pay their expenses. Another example is the disability might happen as a result of a stroke, whereby the individual needs help with the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) like eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, and continence. 

  • Life

    • In many ways, this is very similar to disability insurance. The protection is coming for the life insurance contract to protect the spouse and/or family in the fateful situation, whereby the primary breadwinner passes away prematurely.